Thursday, October 9, 2008

Small and medium-sized cities become more attractive for tourists

Big cities like Beijing and Shanghai may be the most well-known tourist destination in China, but according to the survey on traveling in China by the Visa International Service Association recently, the small and medium-sized cities are also attracting potential tourists in the Asia-Pacific region.

Among the 3,140 respondents in the Asia Pacific region who may come to China in the near future, most of them said that Beijing and Shanghai are the cities they most like to visit. That's not at all surprising. 21 percent of them said they want to visit Guangzhou, 120 km from Hong Kong. Compared with Beijing and Shanghai, smaller cities like Xi'an and Guilin are more and more popular among tourists, both of them among the top five tourist destinations in China.

The survey shows most of residents in Singapore, China's Hong Kong SAR and Taiwan Province who have been to the Chinese mainland still have great interest in visiting China again.

By People's Daily Online

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